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Senior Project Manager
Product Owner
Senior Program Manager
Brand, Digital & IT

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Brand, Digital & IT

As a Senior Project Manager / Product Owner, I’m specialized in platforms, e-commerce, SaaS solutions & workflows with hands-on technical & marketing knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of business & financial processes with over eighteen years of in-depth digital & IT experience.


Latest achievement

Client: Twitter (global)
Led creative and technical teams based in Vietnam, The Netherlands and United States in creating a platform strategy, and delivering UX, visual design, frontend & backend via a complex rapid paced hybrid agile / waterfall approach for Twitter Media. Due to the pace much interactions and collaboration with US based Twitter stakeholders was required and was done via virtual and face-to-face sessions.
> media.twitter.com
> announcement @TwitterMedia

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Open for

Digital or IT roles with a focus on Platforms, E-commerce, SaaS solutions & workflows:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Agile / Scrum Product Owner
  • Senior Program Manager
  • Project Director
  • Head of Product (Owners)
  • Chief Product Owner

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Digital innovation & trends, processes, growth hacking, consultancy, strategy, concepting, motivator, b2b, b2c, franchises, retail, small to corporate businesses, ngo's, (semi-) government, crm, api's, team management, client relations.

Other skills

  • html / css / javascript (junior)
  • php / java (junior)
  • data consolidation (medior)
  • architecture / maintenance (medior)
  • user / customer experience (medior)
  • visual design (medior)
  • setting up campagnes (medior)
  • analytics / optimazation (medior)

Personal life & other interests

Curious about my personal life & interests outside of digital & IT?

check out: https://pieterherman.com

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